Sensitive skin is especially prone to bumps and inflammation after shaving, so it is especially important to use the right skincare ingredients. To avoid further skin irritation, rely on the dermatological experience Mixa has gained for many decades. Even at its establishment in 1924, pharmacist Dr. Roger was already working on finding the perfect formula for the care of sensitive baby skin. Naturally, we are keeping this tradition alive in the formulations of our adult product lines.

Targeted care brings relief and healing

Products for sensitive skin are exactly the right choice for skincare after shaving your legs. Contact with the razor blade irritates your skin and may even slightly injure it. Soothing Body Lotion with oat milk provides an immediate calming effect, seals in moisture and combats redness. Your skin becomes soft and supple, and your legs are silky smooth and simply irresistible! 

The Anti-Dryness Body Lotion is particularly effective in fighting inflammation and little bumps. The coriander oil it contains is well known to chemists and pharmacists for its anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. It calms irritated skin and immediately heals micro-injuries. Before red pustules or even pimples can arise, your legs are instantly silky smooth and look perfect.

Special situations require special measures

Sometimes the skin on your legs is exposed to external attacks, which are exacerbated even more by shaving. On holiday, for instance, when sun, sand and sea dehydrate your skin and damage it even more. Or in wintertime, when you often wear woollen tights and are exposed to extremely dry air from heating systems. Then it's time for some extra intensive, loving care so your sensitive skin regains its moisture and damaged spots can quickly heal. 

Don’t wait for extreme situations and be negligent in the daily care of your skin, and don’t use just any product. Fragrances and other additives can dehydrate your skin and cause redness or bumps. Trust expert advice and use products especially created for sensitive skin, with tried-and-true effects and without unnecessary additives.

When choosing a skincare product to use after shaving your legs, check for healing ingredients and a formulation that supports your skin after these stressful situations, instead of attacking it even more. Even if it takes a bit of patience to find the product perfectly tailored to you, it is worthwhile to rely on expertise and experience!