Our skin is very sensitive. It reacts to damaging environmental influences, to dry air, heat or cold, frequent washing... Then it takes its revenge: it itches, is dry and flaky, develops red spots, small cracks, sometimes even an allergic reaction. It's high time to declare war on these annoying threats. A well-known and tried-and-true ingredient for the care and restoration of damaged skin is panthenol. But Mother Nature has some other ingredients at hand, and each one is a little miracle cure against certain symptoms of sensitive skin.

Breakfast for your skin: oats are one of our oldest cultivated grains and have been used for centuries in traditional herbal medicine. Oats are particularly well-suited for the care of your sensitive skin due to their moisture-regulating properties. They effectively declare war on sensitive skin! Soothing Body Lotion with oat milk comes to the rescue and supports your skin every day in retaining its natural moisture balance. It nourishes, relaxes and leaves your skin feeling pleasantly silky. The perfect start to every stressful day! The sugars contained in the oats will act like a thin film on your skin, and protect it from dehydration without making it greasy. Even micro-injuries can be prevented.

When all preventive measures have failed or if your skin is so sensitive that it still shows signs of damage, it’s time to call upon an additional skincare specialist. Coriander oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, and prevents skin irritation and redness, so that your skin can start to regenerate as soon as symptoms arise. Even in antiquity, healers in the Mediterranean knew about the medicinal effects of coriander oil, and used it liberally. The Anti-Dryness Body Lotion and Hand Cream are perfect partners for dry and damaged skin. Minor damage is repaired immediately. Inflammation and redness decrease, and the high quality plant oils provide your skin with important anti-oxidants.

Sensitive skin has many needs, and can display varied symptoms. It needs a lot of moisture and its moisture content can easily be threatened. It tends to be red and to crack, and it quickly irritates. In order to address these complex challenges with skincare products, you can restore the balance with the proper ingredients. Choose the skincare that your sensitive skin requires, and you will be rewarded with an irresistible silky-soft body sensation.