Mother’s Day is here again; the ideal opportunity to give your mum some extra care and attention. This year, why not double the love with feel-good treats you can enjoy together? With 2 out of 3 women having sensitive skin, there’s every chance that both you and your mum will welcome sensitive skincare pick-me-ups that will keep you feeling radiant and renewed.

Soothing body lotion for year-round softness
With its velvety formula, Soothing Body Lotion is the gift that keeps on giving. Created with respect for even the most sensitive skins, the blend includes softening Oat Milk to ease and prevent tightness and redness. Free of alcohol, fragrance and colourant, it melts into the skin, leaving you irritation-free. Perfect for mum – and don’t forget to bag one for yourself.  

Skin-nourishing lunch date for two 
A youthful glow starts on the inside, so why not book a delicious beauty-boosting lunch together? Salads and soups made with colourful vegetables and herbs nourish and detoxify. Pumpkins, sweet potatoes, avocados and spinach all stimulate the production of healthy skin. Wash it all down with plenty of water and fresh orange juice full of Vitamin C. This anti-ageing superstar supports your immune system and helps tired, dry skin to heal.

Matching manicures for super-soft hands 
Pamper your mum with a matching manicure – after all, you deserve one too! You can both enjoy having your hands moisturised, nails shaped and finished with your favourite shade of polish. Why not hold on to that freshly manicured feeling with Intense Repair Hand Cream for very dry hands? Enriched with Allantoin, a traditional soothing ingredient, this intense repair cream prevents discomforts and micro-cracks to keeps hands feeling silky soft and youthful. Definitely a beauty secret you’ll want to share!

With 2 out of 3 women having sensitive skin, Mother’s Day is the ideal opportunity to give your mum something she’ll really appreciate. Share the love with thoughtful treats and products for sensitive skin to enjoy together.